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Wound and Ostomy Clinic
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Wound Ostomy Clinic
Wound and Ostomy Clinic
The Texas Health Rockwall Wound and Ostomy Clinic is dedicated to the successful treatment of chronic, non-healing wounds and the management of ostomies. We provide comprehensive, specialized care and education to patients with wound, ostomy and incontinence-related needs.
Wound Care
The wound care program has been designed with you in mind. Our clinician, a certified wound ostomy continence nurse (CWOCN), partners with you, your family, and your physician to tailor a plan that will be most effective for you. Our secluded location coupled with our large treatment rooms help to provide a positive, therapeutic environment free of unnecessary noise and distractions. Also, you will not be receiving care from an unfamiliar physician—your doctor remains actively involved in your care through frequent communication with the WOC nurse.
Ostomy Management
An ostomy is the creation of a diversion of stool or urine to the outside of the body that may or may not require the use of an external device to contain the drainage. There are many reasons that people have ostomies, and they can be temporary or permanent. It is our goal to prevent the need for ostomies by education toward early screening for colon cancer, but sometimes that goal is not possible. When an ostomy is required, education is a must—and our WOC nurse is there for you. We begin with preoperative teaching and site marking to prepare each patient with knowledge that reduces anxiety and fear of the unknown. Patients having surgery at Texas Health Rockwall receive more follow-up and teaching while in the hospital. After discharge, the WOC nurse is available to answer questions or assist with problems or concerns.
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